Welcome to Spence’s Farm for Kids

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Your children will have a safe environment while parents work or run errands. Children will have structured class time with plenty of available help. While not doing school, students will be able to learn about the garden and horses, or play in the woods or with chickens!


Saturdays on the Farm

Enjoy a beautiful Saturday at the farm! Starting Saturday May 10 come visit the farm on Saturdays between 10 am and 5 pm. Spend time with our chickens, walk through the woods, take a ride on our ziplines, tour our garden (including picking produce – blueberries available soon), Mentors and Junior Mentors will be available to assist you by showing you around, helping you feed chickens and giving pony rides.

Visit the farm – $5.00/person
Chicken feed – $1.00
Produce – varies
15 minute pony rides – $15.00/rider – availability of times will vary

*Sundays the farm is open for self guided walk throughs. Pony rides and chicken feeding will not be available. Please leave your donation of $4.00/person at the blue collection box located at the farm store (look for the tables and baskets near the garden)

We love our animals and our students and campers get so much out of learning from them and loving them.  However, occasionally we have a lot and would love to find loving, caring adoptive homes for them!

Looking for a rabbit or chicken?  Want Guineas for your yard?  We can help. ALL OUR CHICKENS ARE NPIP CERTIFIED.
Baby Rabbits – $30.00
Adult Rabbits – $25.00
Juvenile Guineas – $15.00
Roosters – $8.00
Hens – $25.00
Pullets/Coquerels – $15.00
Please contact the office for availability!  919-968-8581

Offering intersession camps, after school programs, mini-camps & horsemanship

At Spence’s farm, we offer a year round selection of healthy activities for your child. Spence’s Farm is a great place to play in a 25 acre outdoor environment with permanent trails to access 2000 acres of Duke Forest. That allows for lots room for exploration and learning about horses, farm animals, gardening, wilderness, and Nature!

  • We have served over 15,000 children in our After School which has 20 children each day coming from schools all over Chapel Hill, Hillsborough and Carrboro
  • Our Summer Camps have 50-100 children weekly the whole summer.
  • Over 35,000 people have attended birthday parties here and over 18,000 people have attended the annual Saturday before Halloween, Harvest Festival over the past 30 years.
  • At Spence’s Farm focus on your kids uniqueness and greatness, but they don’t always feel that. We empower children, by challenging them to face the natural fears that come up, in Nature, and with animals.  They are supported in facing these fears with our Mentors so that they come away with higher self-esteem, independence and a loving connection with the other kids, with animals and nature.  Animals and Nature are our greatest assets in helping children learn important life lessons.
  • An 1805 Historic Family Farm turned into a model Community Educational Farm,
    25+Years of Programs

After School Program

Intersession Camps

Birthday Parties, Etc.

Horsemanship Lessons
Saturday mornings 9:30 -11:00 am or 11:00-12:30 pm
Weekdays (M-F) 9-2 pm and 4:00-5:30 pm
Farm Birthday Parties and Trail Rides
Saturday and Sunday

Weekdays by appointment