Animals are Teachers +

There is a Native American story that I tell the kids.

A long time ago during one of the ice ages, humans almost went extinct.  People had to move a long distance from the part of the world where they grew up  to a new part.  Everything was different, plants especially.  They had no words for the plants they found in the new location the moved to. They didn’t know what they could eat.

The animals got worried for the humans because they were starving and decided they needed to come to humans aid and help them.  Animals know how to survive on the Earth and so watching them and learning from them helped the humans learn how to survive in those difficult times.

There are 4 cardinal animals that were related to the directions, which vary depending on which part of the world you come from.

East-The Eagle which teaches “You need to have vision to lead a good life”.  An eagle can see where you came from, where you are and where you are going, the big picture.

South-The Coyote, the trickster.  Coyote represent love and joy and laugh at humans and how they get stuck in ruts, habits, patterns that don’t get them where they really want to go, so watch out!

West-The Bear, the Medicine Man.  Bears have the internal organs and digestion that are simular to humans.  If a bear could eat something, we could too.  If they had a stomach ache and went and dug up a root or ate something after that and their pain went away, that would be good medicine for humans too.  Bear teaches to go inside the cave and have introspection, meditation on our life before we come out, we would lead a better life.

North-White Buffalo.  The buffalo was ultimate example for abundance.  Native Americans used every part of the buffalo and one buffalo could feed a large group.  In nature there is abundance and we can focus on that or on scarcity.  The white buffalo represents the mystery of creation.

At Spence’s Farm we focus our learning on the Chickens, Snakes and Horses.