Zone Fun and Sign Up Classes

Zone Fun – We have mentors in various zones where the students can explore from zone to zone.  They must tell the adult they are with where they are going, and tell the adult in the next area that they have arrived.  We notify each of of the students comings and goings with walkie-talkies

Sign Ups – These are full classes (and free unless otherwise noted) they take place from 4:00 – 5:30.  Please do not pick up your student before 5:30 if they are wanting to join one of these classes.


Zone fun and Sign Up Classes will change weekly


Monday September 17 Tuesday September 18 Wednesday September 19 Thursday September 20 Friday September 21
Zone Fun:  Zone Fun:  Zone Fun:  Zone Fun:  Zone Fun: 
Chickens and Bunnies w/ Davis Chickens & Bunnies w/ Morgan Garden w/ Sarah Chickens & Bunnies w/ Davis
Blue Room Blue Room Craft w/ Heather Garden/ Farmstore w/ Sarah
Reading Room Reading Room Blue Room
Snack making with Heather Garden w/ Sarah Reading Room
Sign Up: Sign up: Sign Up: Sign Up:
Yoga & Stretching w/ Sarah
*Music W/ Davis Horse Lesson w/ Aiden ($45.00 pre register)  Horse Lesson w/ Aiden ($45.00 pre register) 
1 1 1 Reserved 1. Reserved
2 2 2 Reserved 2. Reserved
3 3 3 Reserved 3.
4 4 4 Reserved 4.
5 5 Watch and Learn at Barn w/ Aiden Watch and Learn at Barn w/ Aiden
6 6 1 1
Horse Lesson w/ Spence ($45.00 pre register)  2 2
1 Reserved *Hike w/ Davis (kids will not be available for pick up until 5:30) 
2 Reserved 1
3 Reserved 2
4 3
Watch and Learn at Barn w/ Spence 4
1 5
2 6





*Davis will have a few instruments here, but if your student would like to bring there’s. Please do! *We will be taking an extended hike from 4:00pm – 5:30pm this day.  If you plan on picking your student up before 5:30, please let us know so we can make sure they do not attend the hike.