The garlic harvest is an exciting time on a farm. In late fall, garlic is planted with hopes that by early summer you will have beautiful garlic heads. This year we had a bountiful garlic harvest that the farm helpers picked, cleaned and hung over the farm store with the help of the garden manager, Montana.

The garlic will be ready for eating as soon as the outer skin is nice and dry. Come out to the farm to see (and taste) for yourself!

Learning About Small Animals

Spence’s Farm in Chapel Hill, NC has summer camps all summer for children 4 years old and up. At camp your children will have all kinds of new and exciting experiences being part of the life of a farm.

Learning how to care for and enjoy small animals on the farm is a big part of the fun at Spence’s Farm. Children learn how to feed and water the chickens, goats, rabbits etc. They love being able to cuddle a bunny or go for a walk with a goat!
At Spence’s Farm there are sometimes eggs being hatched and young birds to take care of. Being part of the life of the farm is an exceptional experience for your child and will give them more comfort and freedom around animals as they grow up.

Get Ready for Summer Camp!

We are registering campers every day now for Summer Camp through our website We use Active as our registration platform. We hope you will find the process simple, especially if you have used it before. Please call if you have any questions.

This year our focus is on developing the educational component and skill sets of our programs. We are creating steps for each area at the farm and the skills that we are committed to offering your children. As always we will continue to focus on your kids’ uniqueness and greatness. A major part of our programs is the small teacher camper ratio where there is a bond, a relationship established with your children where they know they have someone that believes in their greatness and ability to overcome the challenges they will face in life. We empower children, by challenging them to face the natural fears that come up, in Nature, and with animals. They are supported in facing these fears with our Mentors so that they come away with higher self-esteem, independence and a loving connection with the staff, the other kids, with animals and Nature. Animals and Nature are our greatest assets in helping children learn important life lessons.

We are part of the original Blackwood Family Farm settled in 1805 that Spence turned into a model Community Educational Farm. He has been offering programs to the community for 25+ years. It’s a great place to play in the 25 acre outdoor environment with permanent trails that go to 2000 acres of the Blackwood Division of Duke Forest. That allows for lots room for exploration and learning about horses, farm animals, gardening, wilderness, and Nature!

June 5th to the 9th are available as individual days listed under, Mini-Camp days. The first full week of camp is June 12th to June 16th, after that weekly until the last week of camp, August 21st to 25th. This summer we are also offering Family Memberships with discounts.

Our campers are ages 4 and up, divided into Rainbows, Trailblazers, Tweens, Beginner Horse Immersion, Intermediate Horse Immersion and Junior Mentors. This year we welcome Serina and Alal as new Rainbow counselors. Serina is a public school teacher and parent of campers, and Alal was a camper and Jr Mentor. Aiden will be at the barn and is the Junior Mentor’s Mentor. Click to read about our Summer Camp Staff.

Click to read Testimonials from parents and campers or see Photos!

Our Camp Schedule
7:30-8:15 Early Arrivals
8:30-9:00 Daily Theme* Discussion
9:00-11:00 1st Period & Snack Time
11:00-12:00 Swim Time M, T, Th, F
11:30-2:30 Wednesday- Creek Stomp
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-2:30 2nd Period/Trailblazer Electives
2:30-3:00 Acknowledgment Session
3:00-3:30 Snack & Pick-ups
3:30-6:00 After Care & Enrichment Classes

*Daily Themes:
Monday – Partnership
Tuesday – Communication
Wednesday – Goal Setting & Decision Making
Thursday – Personal Responsibility
Friday – Breakdowns, Law of the Universe, When things don’t go your way! Breakthroughs come from Breakdowns

New Farm Puppy named Genie!

Say hello to our new farm puppy Genie. She’s a 10 week old Great Pyrenees. The kids love her and she sleeps like a baby after playing with the Spring Break Mini-Campers all day.