Scholarships, Discounts and Coupon Codes

We offer scholarships to support families in need so they can send their kids to camp.
Call or email the office to set up a meeting so we can meet your children. 919-968-8581
We do not do free camps and the children have to be model children.
We are offering discounts and promotions for Summer Camp!
Last year we gave away too much in discounts and we may have just broken even.
  • $25 per week comes off automatically when you sign-up for 3 or more weeks
  • Sibling discount is automatic
  • Free extended care for anyone coming 5 or more weeks Call us that you did and we will reduce your fees.
  • Additional $25 off per week for Rainbow, Trailblazer, Tween and Horse Immersion if you
    come 7 or more weeks

Coupon Codes for Rainbow, Trailblazer, Tween and Horse Immersion: CODES

  • $25 additional off, for a total of $50 off per week Rainbow/Trailblazer/Tween/Horse Immersion if you come for 7 or more weeks 7WK2017
You can only use one coupon code, but as you can see, you should only need one. Be sure to apply it to all of your transactions! Contact us with any problems.