My, What A Difference A Year Makes

In days of yore the final days of harvest was when the last of the crops were preserved, the reserves were filled and the homes for both the humans and animals were checked, double checked and fixed for the winter.  It was time to start hunkering down.

And yes, the students and mentors at the farm do a lot of that.

But the last few years, it seems that the final big harvest time, marked by our Harvest Festival (shameless plug – happening Saturday October 26, 2019 from 3-7 pm with a big (free) bonfire at 7pm  – buy tickets here!) is actually a bit of a rebirth for us.

Today I was sent a picture of the farm a year ago today.  It was also right before Harvest Festival. 

This was our pavilion in progress, and it was completed just in time!  What a lovely addition to sit and listen to music under, but the appreciation for the locally made posts from local timber lasted all summer long as the campers had a nice cool shady spot to eat, drum, do arts and crafts under.  And in the spring when we could hang out and listen to the rain on the tin roof.  It was just beautiful and often the campers acknowledge the beauty and usefulness of it during our daily acknowledgement time.

Then as the year passed, we decided on one of our next big projects.  An addition to the pavilion in the form of a stage!



Can we get it done in time?!?!?  I have faith!!!  But come out and see for yourself this Saturday October 26, 2019 3-7 pm

tickets are $8.00 for ages 2-65 and you can buy tickets here!

Individuals 65 and older can buy discounted tickets at the door for $5.00/person (does not include pony ride, chicken feed or free game prize)