Start of 2019-2020 After School Brings Joyous New Beginnings

We started our after school program this past Tuesday, August 27, 2019 with many returning students and plenty of new friends!  We started the day as normal, playing in the yard and eating a snack till all our farm friends arrived.  We watched returning students from different schools greet each other with hugs and laughter.  This year we made bound journals to record our challenges, something we have started doing for 10 minutes before we break into our stations.

About 3:30 we “settled in” with 5 minutes of quiet.  Just to clear our thoughts from the stress of the day and to focus on what we are looking forward to doing.  After that we did some announcements and introductions.  We then broke into our challenges, students got to pick either physical (guided physical exercises) or mental (writing/drawing in our journals) for 10 minutes to get our bodies and minds set for fun.  Then off to our zones!  Students got to explore various areas of the farm under our mentor’s supervision.  Eggs were collected, chickens were caught, bunnies were held, produce was picked and trees were climbed.

It was an amazing day, but it was also bittersweet, as we said bye to our Gardner, Sarah Cheung who has been with us for 2 years.  Her husband, Kevin, was a staple on the farm as well helping with maintenance, gardening, landscaping, and honestly anywhere we needed an extra mentor.  We will never  forget their son Sky, who  at the age of 3 could name the horses, help find water bottles, and knew how to navigate our zones with great ease.  He even started learning to climb our climbing tree!  This family received a wonderful opportunity to work on a farm near a beach in California and they just couldn’t say no.  Tuesday was their last day here, tearful good byes were made and we will always appreciate their time with us and wish them well with their own joyous new beginning.

Wednesday rolled around and we received a text with a picture of Sky looking out the window of the plane.  That was quickly followed with a text and photo to show that one of our horses, Rose, had her baby.  A beautiful, feisty little girl.

Our first response was  “What’s her name”?  Here at Spence’s Farm we like to name our animals after what’s happening in the world around them when they were born.  For instance, our goat Peaches was born when we had a huge crop of peaches ready to be picked.  Tom, our maintenance supervisor, suggested Blue Sky.  I piped in with “Sky”.  Though yes, there was a beautiful blue sky overhead it also marks the day that Sarah, Kevin, and our own Sky left for the next chapter in their life.  Sky it is, Spence approved.  Sarah was informed and human Sky was very pleased with our decision.  All the human and animal moms and babies are doing well.

We are looking forward to receiving more students each day.  More new faces, more old friends.

Rose’s Baby Girl – Sky – born 8/28/19

Sarah and Sky climbing our tree