Spence was with our daughter who rode a horse for the first time. She wants to take lessons now and said that Mr Spence the boss of the whole farm made her love it. The entire experience was engaging for the kids, every child was happy and had a chance to experience farm life. I would recommend it to all!
-Codruta Emese Roberts Parent April 2, 2017

Hey Spence, Your farm camp is one of the best things that happened to me.  It taught me not to be afraid to express myself in creative expression.  I also wanted to ask how the rabbit, chickens and horses are?  Well I’ll see today because I’m coming to camp TODAY.
-Love, savannah gracey 9 yr old Camper December 29, 2016

My three girls had a fabulous experience at the farm and their first time riding horses. They started with learning to gain trust of feeding chickens by hand and then moved to the horses and groomed them. Spence did a great job teaching them and they were able to independently ride with confidence.
-Colleen Cermak Saunders Parent October 1, 1016

If you are looking for horse back riding lessons for your child and a chance to see some beautiful farm animals, I highly recommend Spence Farm in Chapel Hill!!!! Not only did we get a full tour of the farm, my 4 year old daughter got to hold a baby bunny, feed all sorts of farm animals and pet them as well! The tour was extremely educational and FUN! All of the animals were well taken care of and were very happy to live at that farm! My daughter is normally very hesitate to do anything considered risky but with the gentle and informative guidance from Spence, she rode a horse with complete confidence and pride!! We will be going back to Spence farm for more riding lessons!
-Jaime Shanklin Parent April 29, 2016

Dear Spence,  For the 8 years I’ve been going to the farm i’ve lerned so much from you and your farm.  I’ll never forget my memories there. Thank you and just keep doing what your doing.
-Truely Yours, Amanda Lay Camper & Junior Mentor July 16, 2010

Spence’s Farm provides a sense of community and support unlike any organization I have ever been involved in.  There is a static and positive sense of support, stability, and encouragement throughout every part of the farm. This includes encouraging kids to participate in activities and to interact with animals.  There are positive relationships between employers and employees, counselors and kids and parents, and between campers.  The farm has a very uplifting atmosphere. Spence truely reinforces and represents the slogan of the farm, the CRAFTS of partnership:  communication, respect, acknowledgement, friendships, trust and setting good boundaries.  The kids learn that the philosophy can be carried to relationships with people and animals outside of the farmand into their future.  i enjoyed being a part of Spence’s Farm because it is farm more that just a day care or summer camp, the farm establishes and provides a positive learning environment for everyone involved to create meaningful and lasting experiences and relationships.
-Kearsten Sprankle December 29, 2014 Riding Mentor – winter and summer

Thank you for teching me about Spences.  It was so much fun coming here.  I loved everything.  I didn’t want to leave.  It was grate.  The chikings are funny.  The hamaz was awesom.  First I was scared of horses but now am not.
-Jason to Spence 5yr old

Dear Mr. Spence,
We, Brownie Girl Scout Troop 298, would like to than you for our great outing to the farm.  We learned a lot from you and had so much FUN!  A lot of us were scared at first, but we feel safer and braver around horses now.  We hope to come back again. From the bottom of our hearts…  We thank you!
-Mary Jo O’Donnel & Barbara Baxter (co-leaders Brownie Girl Scouts)  November 2002

As the parent of a four, five and seven year old, I’ve been on quite a few preschool field trips in the last few years and hands-down Spence’s farm was the best preschool trip I’ve seen! What struck me as unique is that this field trip gave the children a chance to be a part of the farm for their visit, rather than just being observers. We’ve been to most of the other pumpkin patch/animal petting type places and I’ve always felt like my children were just watching from afar. They may have fed animals, but it was through a fence.  It was definitely more of a spectator experience. When Spence talks to the children, he made them a part of the farm experience, helping them pick weeds to feed directly to the chickens and to be able to walk right in with the chickens on the property. For the pony rides, I’ve mostly seen the kids ride on horses who were harnessed in a circular walk, but at Spence’s Farm they were allowed to really ride the horses on an unscripted journey led by capable guides. The look of accomplishment and excitement on my sons face as he rode on the horse was priceless. And the hay maze was such a clever way to keep the kids busy while waiting for a turn on the horses. I could just see in Spence how much he enjoyed his land and how he wants to share that joy and vital connection to nature with the next generation. This is such an important lesson for our young people to learn, and sadly there are fewer and fewer places where our youth can truly experienced this firsthand. All our children need to be learning these lessons and I am so glad a place like Spence’s Farm exists to show people the simple joy and contentment that comes from living in harmony with nature.
-Donna Bauman Parent  November 7, 2004

When I picked my son, Hayle Holberg, up from his first day of mini-camp, he said, “This was the best day of my life!”
-Melissa Reed Parent 3/30/2005