The Daily Themes

Daily Themes

Each day of the week, a key teaching objective or theme is discussed at the morning group session.  Exercises and games will be used to illustrate and develop skills in each area.  All mentor figures are required to align their programs in order to reinforce and support this theme throughout the day.  During afternoon group (“acknowledgment”) sessions, children will be encouraged to share how this theme was expressed through their personal experiences. Each day’s theme builds on and is connected to the theme of the previous day.  For example, you can’t have partnership without communication.  Next, partners communicate to create specific goals and the decisions necessary to accomplish those goals.  Then after setting goals and making decisions each person has personal responsibility for their part.  Our choices and what actions we take either lead us toward our goals or away from them.  You can’t create goals without having problems and breakdowns in reaching them. When you do have a breakdown you can go back to the beginning. Is partnership is a possibility you can believe in?  If you think your goal is possible and you want to have partnership, you need to use clear communication to make new decisions and to clarify your goals.  At the end you then need to re-commit to your personal responsibility.


Monday:        Partnership –  The best examples of partnership are the human body and Nature.  The human body has lungs, liver, a right hand, a left hand and poop.  Some people say livers are gross, right hands are good, left hands are dumb, stupid and retarded and poop is sick.  When we believe these ideas about our own bodies, those same descriptions become the ways we describe the other beings in our world.  Those ideas come out of a culture that dominates, competes to win, and accepts that there will always be winners and losers.  There are existing cultures that we can learn from that believe we can all be winners by being on the same TEAM (together, everyone, accomplishes, more). Nature is based on partnership.  If you cut out your lungs you will die, if all the trees are cut down, you will die.  We are all apart of one great body.  Supporting and appreciating the diversity of life is the key to our own survival.


Tuesday:       Communication –  You can’t have Partnership without communication.  The brain is always in communication with all parts of a functioning body and is out of communication in a dysfunctional body.  When communication is clear and powerful it is effective and partnership can occur.


Wednesday: Decision-making and goal setting – The reason we communicate is to make decisions and set goals.  Making decisions can be made easier if we acknowledge the natural laws we are all governed by.  If …then… is a way to look at potential results that would come from a decision.  The result of gravity is a natural

law.  If you jump up, you will come back down.  Having goals helps one make decisions.  Without goals it wouldn’t matter what you did.


Thursday:     Personal responsibility and choices – Once one makes a decision & makes a goal they have a personal responsibility in following through to get the result they want.  If one doesn’t do one’s part, a different result will be produced.


Friday:                Breakdowns and problem solving – There is a law of the universe, everything must breakdown.  You can’t have a goal with out at the same time having a breakdown.  The goal doesn’t happen just because you made it.  When a breakdown occurs, the result you wanted didn’t occur, you can go back to the beginning, re-establish partnership, be clear, decide what you are committed to, communicate that, then take a step towards your goal.  If there were a commitment to partnership, then one would communicate what the commitment was, make or negotiate new decisions and goals, and then take personal responsibility for them.  Breakdowns and commitments go together.