Horsemanship Programs

As a Community Farm we offer you a way to be affordably involved with horses.  We provide quality horses, experiences and lessons for children and adults in a beautiful and natural setting.

The foundation of our riding program is called the CRAFTS of Partnership:  Communication, Respect, Acknowledgement, Friendship, Trust & Setting Good Boundaries.  We believe our animals are teachers and they are always at work empowering humans to have higher self-confidence and self-esteem. Our staff are experts at helping individuals get beyond the natural fears that come up when being around horses and around our other animals.

Horsemanship is more than just being in the saddle. Non-riding time is also a part of our program. For example, barn lesson topics may include catching your horse, haltering, leading, grooming, cleaning feet, health, tacking your horse, tack cleaning, cleaning the stalls and the barn and showmanship. Please note that just because you or your child are not on the horse all the lesson or every day(in a camp week), does not mean they did not receive a scheduled Horsemanship lesson!
We do not cancel scheduled lessons because of rain, thunder or lightening.  We have a large, safe indoor barn and indoor riding ring.

Payment for monthly scheduled lessons is due the 15th of the month before the service is provided.  Please note: There is a 30 day notice of termination.

Missed classes must be made up within 7 days of missed lesson.

Horsemanship Lessons for Adults and/or Children

After School Horse Lessons are offered Monday – Friday from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm with the option of pick up from local schools and aftercare until 6 pm.  $35.00 – $40.00 per lesson

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Little Rascals Class ages 2-6 is offered Saturday from 9:15 – 9:45.  This is a parent/child class designed to assist your child to become an enthusiastic, caring and comfortable partner with a horse.  You will assist your child in grooming and leading their pony ride to help foster and maintain a strong bond of trust between you both and the horse.

$25.00 per class

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Beginner Lesson ages 6+ is offered Saturdays from 9:45 – 11:15 and is for those with limited to no experience looking to have a full horsemanship lesson.  Each lesson will start with bonding, learning about and caring for the horses.  Students will then ride, typically starting off with the first few lessons in a Western Saddle,  the student can switch to an English saddle as they and the instructor see fit.  On horseback they learn how to have a balanced seat, steering and voice commands and will work their way up to walk, trot, canter.  Our instructors teach the core fundamentals of riding.  We are not a competitive barn, instead focusing on the whole horse package, we will give your beginner a love of the horses and the skills to move forward to pursue other forms of riding.

$40.00 per class

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Intermediate/Advance Lessons is offered Saturdays from 11:00 – 12:30

In order to take the intermediate/advance class you or your student must be evaluated by an instructor.  Please call the office at (919)968-8581 to schedule an evaluation.

$40.00 – $50 per class

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Horse Immersion:  In Summer Camp and Mini-Camp, your child has the option of Horse Immersion where they spend most of the day around the horses for an additional fee.  In summer camp there are two 2 hour class periods each day, so that makes 10 for the week.  The students will be with their horse mentors for at least of those periods.  One period will be spent with the entire camp on the farm having fun.  The 10th period they will go to the Wednesday Creek Stomp with the whole camp.
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Trail Rides:  Our trail rides include the Partnership with Horses Lesson and an orientation class first before we take anyone on a trail ride. If your group includes inexperienced riders, you can be assured we will prepare them before we go out on the trails.  Trail rides are available most any day and on Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.  Please call to schedule a time and availability before coming. Cost is $45.00 per person for 1.5 hrs and $60 for 2 hrs.
Toddler Rides and Farm visit with the animals
Pony rides are available most any day.  Please call to schedule a time and check availability before coming. Cost is $15.00/child/15 minutes, $25/30 min., $40 hour.  $4.00 per person to visit the farm.