Junior Mentors

Junior Mentor’s are 13-15 years old.  Entry into our JM Leadership Program is by application, interview and spending at least one Saturday training days with Spence.  After an interview, we will decide with the JM if they are ready to be involved as a Junior Mentor and which area(s) they would like to work in at the farm. There is a fee of $175 each summer.
It is possible to be 12 and be a Junior Mentor in Training.  They would have to attended Spence’s Farm for a number of years, in riding lessons, after school and Summer camps, or have significant experiences from another similar program as well as the strength and height to saddle a horse.  They would participate with the Junior Mentors but still pay the regular camp fees.
A JM at Spence’s Farm would be someone who after they have learned something, desire to teach or help others to become successful in that as well.  Junior Mentor’s learn valuable life skills and how it is to have their first job experience, which they can add to their resume.
Besides learning what it is like having a job, we provide opportunities to apprentice in an area of interest; and get into the practice of being a good role model.
Junior Mentors must complete our Online Application and submit it via the web site. Upon receiving your application we will schedule an interview.