Vision of the Farm

The Vision of the farm is to be a Community Supported Educational Farm Cooperative.  The Co-op would operate the farm as an outdoor, experiential, farm educational center using Mentoring to guide children from its membership and from the surrounding communities to experience higher self-esteem and to feel needed, valued and appreciated for their contribution to community. The farm is supported by memberships and the public who attend the farm’s programs, as well as Field Trips from area schools, churches, Girl Scout groups and senior centers.  The co-op is responsive to its membership and offers a selection of services and fresh grown foods to them and to the public.

The basis and principles by which a community supported educational farm co-op is established are:

The family farm and small villages from the past are models for us and for sustainable living where most everything that was needed was produced locally.  In our model we use Mentors to replace the aunts, uncles, and grandparents who had the responsibility to make sure, no one and no thing got hurt, the whole is important, win/win, and that everyone could learn the skills that were needed to become successful, positive contributing members in their community.

Participants are given the option to become members with benefits and are represented on an Advisory Board(AB) to the Co-op. Junior Mentors (13-16 year old farm assistants) are also represented on the AB.  Individuals can become investors in the co-op and can be represented on the Governing Board(GB).  Staff are given the opportunity to be owners of the co-op and are represented on the GB.

We believe the way Nature works is through partnership with all beings, were all life works together in symbiotic relationships.  Human’s role is to be the stewards and to help maintain Mother Nature’s critical life supporting systems and to help maintain its bio-diversity.  We are partners in taking care of Nature as it takes care of us, from our beginnings to the end of our life. All humans should have the right to have access to healthy food and equal opportunity to express their unique gifts.

At the co-op as we do now, you can barter or use money.  Either cash, time or services may be credited to a person or family’s account and the farm’s services and foods may be charged against those credits.