Our Students Understand Community

Today we started to receive word that Hurricane Dorian might actually affect us more than we originally thought.  Our After School Staff worked together to create a list of all the hatches we needed to batten down and then they went and got the students from schools.  As they got off the vans I was there, with snack at hand and plenty of “think you can help us with somethings”?  I only had to ask twice before the desire to help the farm went rolling through the yard.  Our students went from swinging on tree branches to asking what they can do to help, to bringing in baskets, chairs, helping take down tents and catching up bunnies.

Our zone play time was a little shorter than usual, but we got everything done and still had some moments for ziplining and egg collecting and bunny pets.  And we got an extra snack of yellow watermelon, It’s a Spence’s Farm Specialty – and if you have never had one we have a few extras for sale!

I was lucky enough to watch the more experienced children assisting the newer students with tasks, and directions.  I was lucky enough to be able to see a staff care enough about the physical farm to come in early or step away from their normal duties to help take care of the animals and physical property and not get too swept up in just “getting it done” that they took time to have the students help, really help.  And I was lucky enough today to see students, some as young as 5 years old whose first day was on the farm, to take part in a community to help.

Tom with help taking down the yard canopy

Students pulling in things from the pond and garden

If we are not as lucky tomorrow, if the storm should hit and schools close, please check out Facebook page or give us a call to discuss mini camp.

-Heather Davis

  • Program Director